Caztek to exhibit at the Spacecraft Technology Expo

25 April 2012, Saint Paul, MN – Caztek Engineering announced its participation as an exhibitor at the Spacecraft Technology Expo in Los Angeles, California, May 8, 9 and 10. This event is the first and only exhibition of its kind, bringing together global decision makers, OEMs, supply chain experts, industry executives, suppliers and customers to identify present and future market growth opportunities for the design, manufacture, pre-launch testing and operations of spacecraft, satellites and space-related technologies.

The Spacecraft Technology Expo offers a comprehensive three-day technical conference program that will be built around the needs and priorities of key industry technology leaders in spacecraft and satellite design, build and testing.

From satellite systems, to launch vehicle and spacecraft design, engineering, and testing, to all facets of the manufacturing supply chain, the fully integrated exhibition hall is a showcase for the major players in the spacecraft industries.

Caztek Engineering has designed and manufactured several valves currently used on space flight vehicles and has worked with such companies as XCOR Aerospace and Masten Space Systems.