City Cycle, a 14-passenger, people-powered pub, rolled out by Caztek Engineering and City Cycle Tours

ST. PAUL, Minnesota - May 9, 2011 - Caztek Engineering announces delivery of the prototype "City Cycle" to City Cycle Tours, LLC, of St. Petersburg, Florida. The non-motorized City Cycle is powered by up to 10 pedalers. The vehicle is an entertaining and environmentally-friendly way to tour a city. Public tours are being offered in the Twin Cities.

Casimir Sienkiewicz and his team at Caztek Engineering designed and built the prototype in-house. "Rhett Reynolds of City Cycle Tours provided us with the uncommon opportunity to do a ground-up, design-and-build project. Similar contraptions are quite popular in Europe where they operate as group events, even allowing the consumption of beer for the pedalers. Of course, the driver, who is in complete control of the vehicle, is an employee of the rental company and is not allowed to consume alcohol," said Sienkiewicz. "We examined the experience of riding and pedaling a vehicle like this and created a revolutionary design. It is the ultimate party on wheels!"

Designers at Caztek incorporated a low running-board-style deck as well as adjustable
seat posts to accommodate a variety of heights and abilities. Also included are a grabrail for the pedalers and a driver-forward design that creates an open deck for
socializing. Additional City Cycle features include in-floor coolers, ample storage,
purse hooks, cup holders, LED lighting, a six-speaker sound system and built-in keg

Completely modeled in 3D CAD (SolidWorks), the City Cycle was prototyped digitally prior to any metal being cut. Modern engineering capabilities (FEA) were used to ensure the first unit would be reliable, safe and still light-weight. "Many of the design elements were fabricated per our CAD design and bolted in place without changes, one of the advantages of digital prototyping," said Sienkiewicz. The first unit was hand-built by the engineers who designed it.

“We are also pleased to announce that we have formed a partnership with City Cycle
Tours, LLC to be the exclusive manufacturer of the City Cycle design,” continued
Sienkiewicz. “This agreement allows us to focus on the innovative design and optimize
the manufacturing process to provide the most robust and reliable 14-rider vehicle
possible. We will continue to manufacture the specialty vehicles here in the USA. The
agreement allows us to tool up our manufacturing facility to reduce the production costs
of the City Cycle and enable more cities to enjoy the event that is The City Cycle."

More information about the City Cycle design-and-build team is at

To learn more about the City Cycle rental and sales, contact Rhett Reynolds at City
Cycle Tours, LLC.

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