Caztekā€™s machine shop is fully integrated with computer-driven machining capabilities.haasn_all

Haas “VF-2SS” CNC Milling Machine

The VF-2 is a very capable and high precision machine tool with a work envelope of 30″ x 16″ x 20″ in the x, y, and z axis respectively. The 40 hp spindle capable of 12,000 rpm for the intricate and small features of modern tooling. Coupled with CAMWorks software, a full 4th axis and highly skilled machinists, the VF-2 gives us the capability to mill parts with close tolerances and complex shapes and setups in a quantity of one or one thousand.

Haas “SL-20” CNC Turning Center
The Haas SL-20 boasts a max turning capacity of 10.3″ x 20″, an 8″ chuck, bar capability of 2.0″ and a fully programmable tailstock. The 20 Hp (15Kw) spindle runs to 4000 rpm for small diameter work and generates 154 ft-lb of torque at 650 rpm for heavy cutting of the toughest materials.

Haas “Mini Mill” CNC Milling Machine
The Mini Mill is a smaller envelop yet quick machine that is well suited to our prototype and short run work.