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We specialize in the art of engineered innovation.
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List of Engineering and Industrial Design Clients who Trust Caztek

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Engineering and Industrial Design

Established in 2004, Caztek is an award-winning, multi-dimensional design and engineering firm that delivers innovative solutions for world-class clients. We bring game-changing experiences to life from concept to execution across the aerospace, industrial, consumer, and medical industries.

Innovation beyond just solutions

We’re motivated alongside our clients to not just create something new, but to propel industries forward. 

Caztek in the News

St. Paul Pioneer Press

Minneapolis | St. Paul
Business Journal

Markets Insider

Paperless Parts

When large companies with dedicated research and development departments want to get a fresh set of eyes on a project...

Trystar’s GridPak solar generator is designed, developed and manufactured by firm in downtown St. Paul. The mobile generator can store up to 120 kilowatts...

Hawk Ridge Systems, a leading provider of 3D design, manufacturing and 3D printing solutions, has partnered with Caztek Engineering, an award-winning...

Leading Twin Cities-based Design & Engineering firm is implementing the quoting software to expand into a comprehensive, fully-certified CNC house...

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