We create innovation,

not just solutions

A novel approach to engineering + design where the distance between concept to execution gets cut in half.


We are a team of innovation experts that listens and understands.

We think, we care and most importnat, we focus on developing outstanding solutions that redefine possible.


Working closely with our clients, we assure that we take into account many perspectives, data points, moments of inertia, and the specific details to allow those break-through moments that deliver innovative solutions to everything we do.


Seeking dreamers in aerospace, medical, industrial, and consumer industries

Never before has the world seen the vast progression of technology and scientific advancements as we've seen now. But in order to take full advantage of these, it's practitioners must have a solid foundation and understanding of its possibilities. We understand that dreamers are what has made this country the powerhouse it is today but more importantly, being able to take those dreams and give life to them… well, that's something else entirely. At Caztek, we're here for you.


The architect behind Caztek

Caztek was founded in 2000 by Casimir A. “Caz” Sienkiewicz. It has since grown to a ten-person innovations hub out of St. Paul, MN with expert skills in Engineering, Analysis, Industrial Design, Product Development & Prototyping. It's an engineering and design firm specializing in solving design challenges in aerospace, industrial, consumer and medical industries.

An innovation & engineering team specialized in bringing your dreams to reality.


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