Complex problems, solved collaboratively

We believe that strong collaboration drives the best results. Collaboration deepens our understanding of your problems and goals, brings efficiency to the design process and encourages faster results. While working closely with our clients, we’re sure to always take into account all perspectives, data points, moments of inertia, and specific details to produce breakthrough moments.



Breakthroughs in aerospace, medical, industrial, & consumer industries

With deep experience across a broad spectrum of industries, we’re able to draw on vast insights to better influence our work. It’s a priority that we stay abreast of emerging technologies and best practices across all sectors to confidently offer clients the most cutting-edge solutions.


The architect behind Caztek

Caztek was founded Casimir A. “Caz” Sienkiewicz. It has since grown to a 14-person innovations hub out of St. Paul, MN with expert skills in Engineering, Analysis, Industrial Design, Product Development & Prototyping. It's an engineering and design firm specializing in solving design challenges in aerospace, industrial, consumer and medical industries.